Page Mill North  –  a small but unique Toronto media services company

Page Mill North was originally established to offer personalized services across a wide variety of technology-related areas.  Success in the travel website, photography, and writing fields after I retired from regular employment led to a concentration on services to travel businesses, but I can also help with small and medium-sized business or personal websites.  And photo services, and writing.

  Have a look at some of my work and see if it would meet your needs and expectations.


I was an internet user for many years before I learned how to construct websites, so I know first-hand what works for typical users and what's distracting or annoying.

My designs are clean, straightforward, and easy to navigate.  Lots of photo illustrations, but no flashy animation.

I use the latest responsive design and HTML5 techniques, and I avoid canned packages that tend to incur on-going fees and require expensive updating.

I've provided descriptions of some very different websites I've done on the Samples page, as well as links so you can examine them for yourself.

My background experience spans many different fields, but the one common thread is that my progress has always depended heavily on my abilities as a writer.  Whatever the subject, my emphasis is on making things clear.  As explained on the Samples page, my work with European Castles Tours now includes designing and writing the annual tour catalogs and preparing them for printing,

An eye for photo composition helps.  You can get some idea of how mine works from my personal travel photos site,

Can I help you?

Let me know about your needs or interests.  You may just have found the solution you're looking for.  Contact Bruce McKay, as below.